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fully in-house management of your Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns. Our in-house, 100% profit focused Google Ads managment service helps companies like your’s turn wasteful ad spend into sustained profitability. allow us to do the same for you. 

In A Nutchell.

Google Ads is a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform and an excellent tool to reach thousands of people within your target audience. It is also one of the most profitable and popular forms of PPC advertising, with a 75% average conversion rate. It’s also complex, ever-changing and time consuming.

Our Process

Outline of the Upclix process that’s going to transform your google ads campaigns

In our PPC management services, before we set out to do anything, we need to gather as much information as possible about your business — including the demographics and psychographics related to your target audience, profit margins, lifetime value of your customers, and more.

We come to the table with a healthy respect for the competition. Not only do we take the time to really understand your industry and who the different players are, we also use industry-leading software to research and analyze the digital advertising footprint of your competitor campaigns.

Your existing data can give us valuable insights that will guide our future strategy. Hence, we will render a general account analysis that includes previous Google Ads campaigns to assure more efficient outcomes and results on your subsequent campaigns.

We take all of our research and analysis and translate it into an effective PPC strategy. With unrivaled attention to detail, we’ll construct campaigns that maximize profitability and are enabled to scale.

As your Google AdWords campaign performance data rolls in, we will make changes and pivot where necessary. We’ll bring a proactive approach as we A/B split test new ideas and seek new opportunities for growth. Every client that comes to us for AdWords management can see enormous improvements in their ROI if their campaigns were thoughtfully and analytically optimized.

Management Tech

Some of the tools and technology we use at Upclix to supply our clients with competition surpassing Bing and Google AdWords results.

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Email Marketing 

Fort Lauderdale’s Premier Email Marketing Agency for B2B Growth

Unlock the full potential of your email marketing strategy with UpClicks, Fort Lauderdale’s leading B2B email marketing agency. Our expert team is dedicated to crafting personalized, impactful email campaigns that drive sales, enhance customer loyalty, and significantly increase your bottom line.

Our Email Marketing Metrics:

$2.3m +

in Cumulative Ad Spend: Demonstrating our extensive experience in managing substantial advertising budgets effectively.


Average ROI of 3.51: Highlighting our ability to maximize return on investment for our clients.

250 +

250+ Campaigns Launched: A testament to our wide-ranging expertise across various industries.

In A Nutshell.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing strategies, especially for B2B companies. At UpClicks, we specialize in creating targeted, engaging email campaigns that resonate with your audience. From captivating content to precise analytics, our Fort Lauderdale-based team ensures your brand stands out in a crowded inbox.


Why Choose UpClicks for Your Email Marketing Needs

  • Expertise in B2B Strategies: Our focus on B2B email marketing ensures your campaigns are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in Fort Lauderdale and beyond.
  • Personalized Campaigns: We believe in the power of personalization to drive engagement and conversions. Our campaigns are crafted to speak directly to your audience, fostering stronger connections.

Included In The Service

Custom Email Strategy Development

Tailored strategies that align with your B2B objectives, ensuring your email marketing efforts support your overall business goals.

High-Converting Content Creation

From compelling subject lines to engaging body content, we craft emails that not only get opened but acted upon.

Segmentation and Targeting

We segment your audience to send the right message to the right people at the right time, increasing relevancy and response rates.

Performance Tracking and Analytics

Monitor your campaigns with our precise reporting tools. Understand your performance and areas for improvement with comprehensive analytics.

How We Deliver Exceptional Email marketing Results.


Discovery and Strategy

We begin by understanding your business, audience, and goals to craft a bespoke email marketing strategy.


Content Creation and Design

Our creative team designs and writes captivating emails that reflect your brand and engage your audience.


Segmentation and Personalization

We segment your list and personalize content to increase relevance and engagement.


Testing and Optimization

Continuous A/B testing and optimizations ensure your campaigns are always improving.


Reporting and Analysis

Regular, detailed reports keep you informed on your campaign’s performance, with actionable insights for future strategies.

Ready to Amplify Your Email Marketing Efforts?

Partner with UpClicks, the leading email marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, and see the difference a strategic, data-driven approach can make. Click “Get Started” to book your discovery call and begin transforming your B2B email marketing strategy today.

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